Hello there, Stranger!

This is my personal site. It’s just a collection of random items that I’ve worked on or am currently working on. There’s really no need a for a website here but I know you people will Google search my email domain, so here you go. Have a read, enjoy!

What I Do

Where to start. I’ve been on the Internet ever since modems were measured in baud. I’ve worked on Internet technologies from plain ole HTML to React. I’ve been around long enough to see WAP die, and apps start. I’ve moved along with technology, from bare metal servers to the cloud. It’s been a long journey and it’s not over yet.


I’ve worked in this field since DoubleClick was a thing. Now well into the RTB era, I’m still here. If you need a hand, gimme a ring.

building web-scale infra

I don’t just work in ad tech. I’ve built it. Web-scale web applications to handle billions of request per month.

technology management

Confused with all the new technologies coming out these days? I’m not. It’s my job to keep up to date on what’s going on.

What I've Done

Stuff I've worked on or am currently working on
My day job – RedLotus. RedLotus acquired Pixels in late 2015, making Pixels part of a global family with offices all over the world.

Pixels Limited

HK’s leading multi-screen advertising company. Formerly Pixel Media, Adsfactor & Snap Mobile. Digital advertising in HK? We got you covered.
My Instagram photoblog. I wander around Hong Kong. I live / work here. I take pictures with my iPhone. I post them to Instagram.

Garpu App

Garpu, my old app. Helps you find good food and coffee in the Klang Valley (Malaysia). Now defunct, of course.

Gosh where do you start? Such a varied journey. KLue, Junk, Tongue in Chic, Urbanscapes, Markets, The Bee, Style Snaps, Gigorama… a list that’s certainly not in order and with many omissions.

Random Items